Junior Research Assistant

Job Description

MobiTeC Lab at CUHK is looking for Junior Research Assistant.


  • Assist research and development related with Decentralized Social Networks
  • Cross-platform socialization solution stack design and implementation.
  • Protocol design, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Large graph sampling algorithm theoretic study, implementation and evaluation.
  • Message ranking framework development, elaboration and feature engineering.
Job Requirement
  • Passionate about social networking services and the related research
  • Degree / Hi Diploma in Computer, IT or equivalent
  • Proficient in Linux and common open source toolchain
  • 2 years of Python working knowledge
  • Enough math background to read research papers
  • Working data mining/ machine learning skill is an advantage
  • Working knowledge in NS2 simulation and Linux administration is an advantage
  • Solid math background to push theoretical limit is an advantage
Job Application

Depending on the track, the concrete requirements can be different. Interested person please send CV and transcript to hupili@ie.cuhk.edu.hk

CUHK students can also login Engineering Faculty's summer research program website for more detailed project descriptions.

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