Jora is an Australian based job search engine with a mission to make it as simple and intuitive as possible for job seekers.  Helping job seekers worldwide, our ambition is to continue to expand internationally and become the preferred job search destination worldwide. A true start-up, Jora is a new member of the SEEK family, which means we're backed by the strength of a global leader.

We have built a site that processes millions of job requests per day and and user sessions a month (and growing). In addition we index millions of jobs and keep our users informed through daily job related emails. All of this together makes us the 3rd largest online employment marketplace in Australia. We use open source technologies to build our platform that crawls thousands of sites globally. To enable all of this we need to think, do and learn quickly. Everyone contributes ideas which are then assessed for potential value and prioritised.

Hard working, open minded, Jora people love new technologies and learning from each other.  As a small company we love our very flat and collaborative organisation. The team at Jora comes in all shapes and sizes and our growing team has over 10 different nationalities!