System Administrator (GNU/Linux System)

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About us

We play games. We make better games.


We are looking for system administrators to support our expanding services and help to build the next-generation platform that nxTomo Games will use to bring greater experience to our valuable players.  Fresh graduates will also be considered.


Job Requirement


About you

  • You know what is FOSS.

  • You dare to apply bleeding edge technologies for problem solving.

  • You are willing to face new challenges.

  • You are able to survive without GUI environment.

  • You are one of the first to read the latest release notes of the frequently use software.

  • You think keyboard is better than mouse.

  • You believe the best word processor should be able to run at console , such as Vi, Emacs, nano…

  • You speak not only Cantonese and English, but Bash, POSIX as well. Of course, more languages you speak, the better.

  • You know what are the evil software and suggest others to drop them.

  • You think cloud is not only something in the sky.

  • You always leave on time, because you let the system do the rest.

  • You always introduce great tools to colleagues to complete their complicate tasks.

  • You know Windows is not a good system, but you still willing to save our users from the fire.

  • You know how to make reports by tools such as uniq | sort | awk | sed …

  • You trend to remove useless software from your systems for better performance.

  • You think a good password should contains numbers, upper and lower case letters, and symbols.

  • You feel excited if someone is cracking your systems.

  • You will submit your CV in PDF format.

Job Application

Interested candidates please apply in STRICT CONFIDENCE with resume in PDF format and salary expected to: e­mail to

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