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Full Stack Developer

Job Description

Being a Jora Developer

At Jora we thrive together as a team of passionate people who take ownership of their work and are involved in the entire process of product development and delivery.  We all contribute to the business direction and help shape our products.

Being delivery focussed is critical for the team and we are always working to design, build, test and deploy high quality solutions every day.  We are excited by and take pride in working together as a team to solve hard problems and produce elegant code and products that scale with the data and traffic of a large and active user base.

Why you want this job

  • True continuous delivery - perform multiple deployments to production every day
  • Deal with high-volume online traffic and build applications for international growth
  • Experiment and use data to develop hypothesis to learn from and improve products
  • Passionate team with ambitious goals and determination for success
  • Grow your career as Jora grows - Play a big role in a small team and be across the full product development cycle
Job Requirement

You want to share with us your

  • Curious mind and strong problem solving skills
  • Full stack development skills (including development, deployment and infrastructure)
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented design principles and design patterns
  • Obsession for writing well tested, maintainable, scalable code
  • Passion for TDD, BDD and A/B testing
  • Autonomy, responsibility and the need to make a difference for job seekers
  • Insight into the challenges for achieving high availability and high performance web architectures
  • Experience with multiple types of data stores and search platforms
  • Curiosity on improving products using machine learning and big data
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